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Explorez nos expériences d'apprentissage en cliquant sur les images ci-dessous !

Bientôt disponible!.png
41 Sorting leaves wix F.png
38 Play Store wix F.png
39 Hanging with Hooks wix F.png
42. Pots and Pans wix F.png
28 Making Drums wix F.png
31 Resisting the Wind wix F.png
35 Observing Insects wix F.png
37 Exploring the Playground wix F.png
27 Building with Shaving Cream wix F.png
32 Building Towers wix F.png
29 Collecting Rocks wix F.png
33 Making Lemonade wix F.png
34 Observing Plants wix F.png
1 Building Forts Wix F.png
2 Drawing Vehicles wix F.png
3 Exploring Funnels Wix F.png
4 Exploring Ice Cubes wix F.png
5 Exploring Pipes or Tubes wix F.png
Exploring the texture of ramps Wix f.png
13 Sprinkling Water wix F.png
14 Fixing a Wobbly Table wix F.png
15 Building with Popsicle Sticks wix F.p
16 Playing with Sponges wix F.png
17 Making Leaf Rubbings wix F.png
18 Floating Beads in a Boat wix F.png
19 Walking the Creek wix F.png
20 Growing Beans wix F.png
21 Building with Tires wix F.png
22 Mixing Colours wix F.png
23 Noticing Shadows wix F.png
24 Washing Hands wix F.png
26 Jumping in Puddles wix F.png
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